Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin'

Last year, for Mother’s Day, my family helped prepare two garden beds in our backyard. One housed my coveted heirloom tomatoes and the other a variety of squash and leafy greens. The harvest was decent, though various bugs, worms and other undesirables seem to plague our patch of land, as has been a nuisance to many a backyard gardener.

This year, my youngest son wanted to plant an entire bed of peppers. You see, he and his father like to dabble in the art and somewhat scary experimentation of homemade hot sauce.

Not really much for my palate, but, really- how could I deny? Seeing them get excited over the plants, watching them already produce fruit, and the inevitable comic display in the kitchen while they set to work- having fun, laughing and just enjoying the process. It’s truly something to behold.

It exudes love.

On the other side of the spectrum, our oldest is “leaving the nest” for college. Starting a path toward engineering over three hours away at Virginia Tech. The arduous process of applying to schools, wringing hands over test days and responses is one of the more stressful experiences we’ve been through. Others have been through it and many more will in the future. While I feel we both had our hands in the process, my husband eagle-eyed the ultimate prize and lost more nights sleep than I could count. Now they leave and become the official young adults we always hope they will be. It is our job to let go as gracefully as we can.

It exudes love.

So, this season, my heart is beyond full. Full for the new, freshly (organically) grown produce we will soon reap from our own backyard, full for the possibilities our young, college-bound son has before him. Full for taking the time to pause and take stock in what really matters most.

Love. In all its forms.

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